Need a reminder of what I want to do before I’m 30.
1. Motorcycle license
2. Buy a house in Barcelona
3. Go to Japan, Spain, Italy, Tel Aviv, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines
4. Learn French & Italian & Arabic
5. Learn to play the guitar
6. Get a pilot’s license
7. Go skydiving
8. Go sailing
9. Read every Jane Austen & Arthur Conan Doyle & Agathie Christie & Oscar Wilde books
10. Work at every MBFW once
11. Start an event production company
12. Be an extra in a movie
13. Be a patron at a theater
14. Take acting classes

To be continued…

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How most of my off days are spent:


So damn true. #flightattendantproblems

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"aren’t flight attendants the people who just walk up and down the aisle?"

"but you’re too intelligent for that job?"

"don’t you just look pretty and serve people orange juice?"

"when are you going to get a real job?"

"you don’t need qualifications to do that"

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